Monday, March 29, 2004

To my friends, Anything and everything written here is purely imaginary and fictional. My Friends continue to remain my Friends :)

Best Friends

Oh how glad I was to have you in my life!
You were the only one to whom I could always talk, without any inhibition
You were the only one who understood me, without passing a judgment
You were the only one to whom I could always turn to, without worrying about the time
You were always there for me……
You were my Best Friend

You always had solutions to my problems, however complex they were
You always brought a smile in my eyes, however sad they were
You always made me see the bright side of life, however dark they were in
You always taught me to stand strong, however weak my legs were
You always stood by me…..
You were my Best Friend

Do you remember those long never ending talks?
Do you remember those short fast ending dinners?
Do you remember those irrelevant fights?
Do you remember those cranky full moon nights?
Do you know you were the only one for me, when everybody else left me?
You were my Best Friend

We came closer with every passing day,
We went back to our childhood days,
We shared a common dream and a common goal,
We enjoyed every moment of togetherness,
We were always there for each other ……
We were Best Friends

Yesterday, as we were walking together on our chosen path,
A lightning suddenly struck and I could see the truth in its light,
I turned around and looked at you, you smiled at me,
I was shattered, you were calm,
I had lot of questions, you had one answer,
Lets continue to walk and not stop for any reason,
We have the same dream; we have the same goal,
I was your best friend…………
But I am no longer just your Best Friend.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

One of the many facets of a woman.......

Waiting at the crossing, she was there,
balancing a pile of clothes on her head,
holding the hand of her small child,
bearing an unborn in her womb.
smoking a cigarette, her man standing beside her.

I, as an onlooker was furious at her man for
putting on all the burdens on her
realising not, the pain she must be going through,
enjoying his smoke happily

Just when I started cursing him, in my mind,
she turned around looked at her man,
gave him the most beautiful smile that had no trace of any pain.
She looked at him, her eyes full of love for her man,
In unspoken words she conveyed to him,
"To you the man i love,
none of what i bear for you is a burden or pain,
for i am your strength,
and shall always be one!!!!"

Her man returned her smile with an acknowledgement :)

Thats how most Indian Woman are even today, like a string that holds all the beads together. To me,
She is an epitome of love.
Her virtue is patience.
Her nature is sacrifice.
Her strength is her man.
Her pride is her family.

This is no poem, no story, just a feeling to be felt and not to be evaluated technically ;).... i mean grammatically

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

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